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  Brief Introduction of Company and Project

   Hunan Chutian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock private enterprise, registered in the provincial Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau with the registered capital RMB57.5 million and the qualification ranking grade three.
  The company is divided into four departments: general affair office, financial office, engineering department and marketing department. There are 52 staff members, 85% with the education background of bachelor degree or special course of study or the advance and intermediate title of technical post.

Chutian House Garden(the Second Period)
  Chutian House Garden, which is invested and built by our company, is a multi-function zone integrating business and trade, residence, entertainment. The hub-symmetry distribution and board model construct style are applied in the overall layout. Chutian Homeland occupies 55 Chinese Mu, covers 1.7million square meters of floor space The project is going with two steps. In the first step, it builds three pretty high buildings with elevator(13 floors, with 12 floors on the ground. 1 floor under the ground), which are frame scissor frame board model, covers 62337 square meters, of it, the residence area is 47513 square meters, business area is3952 square meters, the area of garage is 10872 square meters. This project is in good sale in Xingsha district, and it enjoys good popularity, reputation and confidence not only in Xingsha district but also in other district. Up to now, all housing are sold out.
The second stage of Chutian Homeland project, on the basis of the first step, further promoted the quality function of the building. The comprehensive building is made up of four high and quality buildings. It aims to build a mark building in Xingsha district. It is also an advocator for top grade residence in Xingsha district, and upgrade the life lever. The overall area is 103813.68 square meters, of it, the residence area covers 71006.89 square meters, shopping market area covers 17606.66 square meters, and the cellar area covers 15200.13 square meters.

  Description of Projects Open to the Foreign Investment

Chutian House Garden(the Third Period)

  “Let the city become more brilliant” is Chutian Real Estate Company’s pursuit. We have resolution, capability and wisdom to devote ourselves to the city construction and let the city become more brilliant so that we can provide the platform for the investors to fully develop their capability. Currently, we are sincerely inviting the enterprises and entrepreneurs with insight and strength to join the future designing work of Xingsha’s commerce and sharing Xingsha’s brilliant future. The relevant investment affairs are as followings:

  I. Programs of the Projects Open to Foreign Investment
  Chutian House Garden projects in the second, third, and fourth period
 II. Contents of the Projects Open to Foreign Investment
  1 .The coverage of marketplace area during the second period of Chutian House Garden is 17,606.66 square meters.
  2 .The coverage of marketplace area during the third period is 10,000 square meters and the coverage of the hotel is about 65,000 square meters.
  3 .The coverage of marketplace area during the fourth period is 8000 square meters, and the coverage of hotel is about 65,000 square meters


Chutian House Garden(the Fourth Period)

  III cooperating manners: seeking cooperating partners, selling and renting the marketplace, hotel and entertainment place, and so on.
  The above-mentioned three projects are all located in Xingsha and share its sound investment environment and the supreme service concept, which bring the home-like feeling to the investors. The infrastructures and safeguarding ability here are leveled with the international standards. Furthermore, our steady and mature development strategy focused on the management as well as the abundant real estate operating experience with the prospective ideal of creating century fame and forming city’s commercial circle, would assure you that your participation will “let the city become more brilliant”.
  Welcome all of you here for the Biz cooperation. Tel:+86-731-84012930;+86-731-84067778

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